Kickstarter launched! Women of the East and West!

We are live! Go check out our newly released Kickstarter: Women of the East and West! This project’s primary focus is on designing female miniatures to provide fantasy wargamers with a greater variety of figures. Our Kickstarter is divided into two factions: The East and the West. Each of these factions includes infantry, horses, riders, and captains.  A variety of heroes, princesses, queens, assassins, monsters, and terrain will also be included by unlocking our many stretch goals. Give it a look and let me know what you think! The success of this Kickstarter really means a lot to me so if you’re interested, please support and/or share this with your friends!

Old hand new here

I’ve been doing 3d design for over a decade and have (had? depending on when you read this?) a Gumroad store that was my primary site for awhile.

However Gumroad has committed the ago old offense of putting their middleman desires ahead of the product and creator needs – and so Im going to be moving my entire library over to here over the coming weeks- Id do it all at once but sadly right now is a difficult time for me (I have to move with my son to the coast for his bone marrow transplant).

Obviously I would ‘fast track’ any products that people are eager to buy so if you do want to check out my Gumroad store and then message me with the products you want brought over that will bump them up the list 🙂