Adventuring is Chaotic. Storing and organizing your 3D prints shouldn't be.
3D print file organization for gamers, by gamers.

Adventuring is Chaotic. Storing and organizing your 3D prints shouldn't be.
3D print file organization for gamers, by gamers.

Why MiniHoarder?

Owning a hoard of printable minis is no small task, and your collection is precious. MiniHoarder provides a set of online tools that will let you store and manage your collection. Assign tags and descriptions to your printable files, preview the models, and have the ability to search your collection for exactly the creature, character or terrain piece that you’re looking for.

Please Note: A subscription is not required to purchase the incredible minis and terrain pieces that artists and creators have made available on MiniHoarder. You can purchase those with a free account and will have permanent access to the files from your account page. Happy Hoarding!

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View Your Models

With our embedded .stl/.obj viewer, you can click on any model in your hoard and see it loaded up. Have trouble remembering the difference between the 50 variations of skeleton in your undead army? We feel you. This is a feature we are super excited about and are actively developing, so be sure to look for new features from time to time.

Create Tags

Assign tags to your minis that can be used to quickly locate specific models, or group them together for a specific purpose. Whether it's something generic like, "fantasy", or something more unique like, "space princess werewolf fairy", tags make your models easy to find at a moments notice. Have a specific campaign or diorama coming up? Not a problem. Assign a tag to the models you'll need so that you can keep track of which minis will need to be printed without having to search through your entire collection every time.

Add Descriptions

Want to keep track of the artist or website where you found a specific mini? Maybe you want to record the print settings and material used for a particularly successful print. With descriptions, you can add details to each model so you don't have to try and remember everything or, worse yet, create an elaborate scheme using some other documentation form.

Relax, Your Hoard Is Safe

While we don't have a Bag of Holding (man, we wish we did though!), we are using some of the safest and most secure online storage services available. Your hoard will be protected and backed up regularly so that you can print, game, and sleep easy knowing your collection is ready and available whenever and wherever you want.

Access From Anywhere

As long as you have access to a browser, you have access to your hoard. Add tags, descriptions, organize, download and upload new minis from just about anywhere.

More Tools To Come!

We are excited about the features and updates we have planned for our hoarders. We continue to work on new ways to organize, view, and manage your collections. Have a suggestion? We want to hear it! Drop us an email at, or send us a note through our contact form.

Any Questions?

If you’d like more information about our service, swing on by our FAQ page. Want more direct communication? Feel free to email us at, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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