Drop your STL or OBJ files in the window below to load them into the online 3D model viewer and to see the 3D print file dimensions.

At MiniHoarder, we love games, gamers, and the artists and creators that have completely changed how we can pursue our hobbies with jaw-dropping custom 3D printable models and terrain. Our mission is to create a service and community that values the artists as well as their printable creations, and to build online tools for the hobbyists and gamers that love them.

If you’re looking for the perfect 3D printable miniature or terrain piece for your next game session or diorama, be sure to check out our marketplace. With over 1000 printable models from a large selection of artists, we’re sure to have something that will fit your needs. 

Need a way to safely store, organize, tag, and search for your 3d printable files? Sign up for a hoarding plan to organize and store your printable hoard.

Never lose, or get lost in, your hoard again.

Drop A File To View and See Print Dimentions (.stl, .obj)
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