You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Yes! MiniHoarder uses a cloud based storage system where files are encrypted in transit and at rest . Additionally, backups are taken regularly just to make sure we’re prepared in the event of some unforeseen disaster.

You can upload, store, and add tags and descriptions to any type of file. Currently, only .stl and .obj files can be loaded and viewed in the embedded model viewer, though we are working on extending this to other file formats in the future.

While we would hate to see that happen, don’t worry. We won’t let your precious hoard fall into the abyss. After your subscription expires, your files will be marked with an “Expired” tag. These files can be displayed by hitting the “Expired” button that will appear at the bottom of the Hoard Explorer.

Expired files cannot be modified or searched for by names or tags, but can be downloaded. Expired files will remain on the server for 30 days past the subscription expiration. After this time, they will be moved to an offline storage device. We will store them in this manor for an additional six months.

During this time, Hoarders that wish to retrieve their files can resubscribe, or they can contact us directly and we will work with them to get their files back. If a Hoarder does decide to resubscribe, all of their files will be re-posted, and the tags and descriptions that were associated with them will be restored. 

We’ll assume this is a cancelled subscription, and apply the rules under subscription expiry above!

If this has happened by accident (we understand that life happens!) don’t worry! You’ve still got 30 days before anything happens to your hoard.

We will mark files as expired until your account is under it’s storage limit, starting with the largest files. These files will follow the same policy as that outlined above under “What happens if my subscription expires?”

Nope! We do ask that you create an account on the site, but that is totally free. The storage service we offer is completely separate from any products available on the marketplace, and won’t impact your ability to access or download files you have purchased. 

Not at all! You can upload and store files you’ve gotten from anywhere, though we’d love it if you purchased them from the artists here as well! Artists and creators receive a bigger share of their sales than on any other site we’ve seen. We’re dedicated to supporting their work and value what they bring to the table (literally, in this hobby).

More Questions?

If we failed to answer all of your questions with our FAQ, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. You can submit your question on the form below, or email us directly at [email protected].

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