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Image courtesy of Mini Monster Mayhem

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We love artists. We love collectors.

At MiniHoarder, our mission is to serve two communities: those who love 3D printing miniatures and terrain pieces, and those who love to create them.

Whether you feel at home toiling away over your tablet, sculpting beautifully crafted custom minis and terrain, or you’re out to amass the biggest 3D printable miniature hoard the world has ever seen, we salute you. Our dream is to provide the best online tools and services that support you and your passion.

3D Printable Miniatures for gaming is what we're all about.
Image courtesy of Mike Crutchett

Find the perfect 3D printable miniature or terrain piece for your hoard.

Trying to convince your adventuring party that the gnome miniature you’ve painted a beard on is actually your dwarven cleric is not just laughable, it’s an insult to dwarven clerics everywhere (we still love you, gnomes). Search our catalogue of 3D printable miniatures and terrain created by incredible artists from all over the world to find exactly what you’re looking for.

When you purchase a model from MiniHoarder, not only will you get the perfect model for your needs, but you’ll be supporting the artists you love. Creators that sell through MiniHoarder get 95% of the profits, which is more than just about anywhere else.

Not quite ready to print? No worries! Your purchases will be ready whenever you are. Find them listed permanently under your account page for easy access.

Hoarders, it's time to end the madness.

Having a bajillion files of your 3D printable miniatures is exciting, awesome, and overwhelming. Trying to track, organize, and remember where everything is shouldn’t take up your valuable printing, painting, and gaming time. Our online tools and storage service can help you backup, organize, search for, and keep notes on your print files. Never lose (or get lost in) your hoard again.

Models by Duncan "Shadow" Louca
Image Courtesy of Duncan "Shadow" Louca

Creators, find the support you deserve selling your sculpts.

No one loves stunning custom 3d printable miniatures (or terrain pieces) more than we do. We recognize the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to perfect your craft. Not only do we want to celebrate you, we want to support you.

We are a one-stop shop for your marketplace needs, offering the ability sell subscriptions, individual products, and the capability to safely store your files and make them available to users. Our artist-first policy makes sure that you receive the compensation and recognition you deserve with no exclusivity agreements, no membership fees, and some of the most competitive rate percentages around.

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