Kickstarter launched! Women of the East and West!

We are live! Go check out our newly released Kickstarter: Women of the East and West! This project’s primary focus is on designing female miniatures to provide fantasy wargamers with a greater variety of figures. Our Kickstarter is divided into two factions: The East and the West. Each of these factions includes infantry, horses, riders, and captains.  A variety of heroes, princesses, queens, assassins, monsters, and terrain will also be included by unlocking our many stretch goals. Give it a look and let me know what you think! The success of this Kickstarter really means a lot to me so if you’re interested, please support and/or share this with your friends!

Necromancer’s Tower late pledges are live!


Since the close of the campaign we’ve had several people reach out to us to ask if we would be doing late pledges. Well if you’re one of those people or randomly stumbled across this campaign sometime after it finished, I have some good news for you–we are now accepting late pledges through the Top Doug Design store on MiniHoarder! We wanted to make sure that all of our initial backers had access to their rewards before we opened up late pledges, but now that we’ve sent out rewards to our backers, we’re opening it up to late backers.

All of the reward tiers from this campaign will be available on MiniHoarder, but to receive the Stretch Goals you do need to select one of the bundles. For the best deal and access to the exclusive God Titan model, we recommend going with the All In Bundle. Since all of the files are now live on MiniHoarder, if you’re a late Backer you’ll get access to those files immediately! Also, we are offering the late pledges at the Kickstarter price, but for a limited time only! Kickstarter pricing will only be available through May 27th, after that the models will still be available on MiniHoarder but the price will go up to regular retail price.

The Commercial Printing License Add On is also be available through MiniHoarder; these are limited to 10 total, so if you’re interested in selling prints of the models from this campaign you’ll need to pick one of those up asap because once those are gone they’re gone for good!

Fifth Idólion Kickstarter and 6 month Road Map.

Ahoy People

We have our Fifth Kickstarter in Pre-Launch Fase. The Launch of Idólion Merchant Alley is expected next Week.

Our adventure is taken us through the City of Elderheim and will end up in the wilderness.
We will be continuing to switch between a Resin Set and a Pay What You Want Building for the rest of the Elderheim Chapter in our Story.

Elderheim Break Down:

Resin set: Merchant Alley – Launch March – Delivery April

Pay What You Want Building – Modular Merchant House. – Launch April – Delivery May

Resin set: Mayors Office (Set Name might Change) – Launch and Delivery to be announced

Pay What You Want Building – Modular Mayor House. – Launch and Delivery to be announced

Resin set: Through the Gate (Set Name might Change) – Launch and Delivery to be announced

Pay What You Want Building – Modular Gatehouse, Add-ons maybe Walls, Towers. – Launch and Delivery to be announced

Pictures From Merchant Alley:

First Picture of Wine Shop models in Merchant Alley.
First picture of Street Food Seller models in Merchant Alley.

Join our adventure as a Backer on our Fifth Kickstarter Idólion Merchant Alle.

Sail Ho !!


Necromancer’s Tower is live on Kickstarter!



After a long time of work and planning the Necromancer’s Tower Kickstarter is live and we hit funding in our first day! This is a collaborative project between Top Doug Design, Bad Tentacles Studio, and Dwarven Palette and will be delivered through the Top Doug Design shop here on MiniHoarder.

This project brings you some of the largest tabletop terrain to incorporate into your own campaigns alongside a variety of undead monstrosities, skeletons and other characters all for the 3D printing enthusiast. Dive into the realm of the Necromancer’s Tower and defeat the hordes of the undead… 

…or raise your own!

Check out this awesome project on Kickstarter!