Treasure Chest Storage Box for dice, minis, etc (Commercial)

By: Plastic Dungeon


Store your favorite dice, miniatures, keepsakes or anything in a stylish treasure chest style storage box. Includes a lifetime commercial license to sell physical prints of the provided models.

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The classic treasure chest design holds a standard polyhedral set comfortably with room to spare, in case your dice are slightly larger, or you have a few extras of your most-used die, or if you want to keep your character figure inside along with the dice. Spaces for twin magnets assure that everything stays tucked neatly within, even in an easily-jostled bag or backpack. It’s small enough to fit in alongside books and papers, but large enough to hold what you need. The side panels can be left plain, or adorned with an emblem to personalize it further.

It’s a comparatively short print, so makes a handy test project, and it prints flat, so minimal supports are needed. This design contains one new feature that we have been only rarely working with and offering in our STLs up until now, though: dual extrusion! Using an IDEX (independent duel extruder) FDM/FFF printer, the two colors print together, and how it’s pictured is how it pops off the printer! This design can be used to really highlight and show off some of the more unique filaments out there. Have a beautiful roll that prints up in a deep, sparkly red hue, but you wish you could add just a few gold accents to make the design pop? Here you go! Want a quick and easy print for your table that can be priced affordably at conventions, in a limitless combination of colors? This design is perfect for that! Of course, if you’re a beginner, or if you don’t have a dual-extrusion printer, the STL can be printed all in one color as well.

Included is a lifetime commercial license to sell physical prints of the provided models.

Model Scale

Not defined

Support Details

No supports provided

Print Dimensions

60mm x 48mm x 50mm

Included Files

File NameFile Size
Emblems - Alpha10MB
Emblems - Holiday11.4MB
Emblems - Symbols8.68MB


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