Character Tome

By: Plastic Dungeon


A book style box for dice and mini storage for TTRPGs. Includes a dice rolling tower and modular inserts for a variety of game options.

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A 3D-printable, all-in-one storage and gameplay box that can hold your dice, character mini, status or nameplate cards, and even more! The truly fun part is that it’s modular… so like most of our original big projects, it’s customizable, so you can add the parts you want, or move them around into the most comfortable position for you!

The Customizable Character Tomes are a flat, streamlined design meant to be easy to carry in your gaming bag, atop a stack of books, or displayed on a shelf in your gaming room, if you’re lucky enough to be the host! At 4″x8″ and only 1.5″ thick, they’re lightweight and convenient. The intricate design gives the Tome the appearance of an ancient volume from an arcane library, or perhaps a small bound and bejeweled treasure box. And honestly, the treasure held within is the best part about this unique gaming tool.

Each Tome opens up fully to sit flat, offering six individual compartments for holding miniatures, cards, dice… or unique printed gameplay components! Included with each box will be our fully print- and play-tested Die Roller and Dice Storage modules. Stretch goals will include even more sections that we’re perfecting currently: a Spell Tracker (including pegs for keeping track of spells and other limited resources), a Card Display (for showing off a nameplate card, a status card, a character picture, or keeping a deck of currently learned spells organized), a secure place to carry a tabletop mini, and anything else that we- or YOU!- can think of!

The best part of all this is that every module has ridged edges for easy removal, so you can mix and match what’s needed for different characters. Maybe you’re happy storing your dice inside the Die Roller (a viable option) and you would rather have a spot to keep your spellbook cards beside the tracker. Just pull out the Dice Holder module and go! Maybe you’re playing a character who doesn’t cast spells, but has an animal companion or mount. Pull out the Spell Tracker and insert a Mini Holder! Want to roll your dice on the left instead of the right? Swap everything around!

Model Scale

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Print Dimensions

126.8mm x 127mm x 203mm

Included Files

File NameFile Size
Tray Updated v104.4MB
Dice Tray Updated v128.8MB
Dice Roller Updated v100.1MB
Bonus FilesMB
Stretch GoalsMB

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