Tech Arches All-In Files

By: Plastic Dungeon


Al the files from the Tech Arches Kickstarter Campaign

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With the success of our customizable fantasy arches, we decided to jump into the future, and create a number of sci-fi arches based on the same system. And the best part is, both sets are interchangeable! So if you want to use a “fantasy” insert on a “sci-fi” arch, or vice-versa… you can!

Our new arches are designed to serve as anything from starship hatches to teleportation gateways… or even a decorative entryway to a futuristic garden. They are currently available in two styles, pictured above, and both options can be purchased or printed as solid arches, or with a groove along the interior to accommodate a series of different inserts!

While the previous inserts we designed can be used with these new arches, too, we needed to design a few new options to go along with the theme. The three choices we designed first include two styles of tech door (one with windows, and one without), and a security laser-beam barrier. Of course, a little paint and creativity go a long way, and you are free to make steel prison doors for your stone arches, or turn a tech-themed arch into a teleportation portal by using the ripple effect insert from our previous set, and this is exactly why we have made them backward-compatible!

Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

No supports provided

Print Dimensions

Not Listed

Included Files

File NameFile Size
Arch - Circuits Grooved.stl3MB
Arch - Circuits Solid.stl3MB
Arch - Tech 1 Solid.stl3MB
Arch - Tech 1 Grooved.stl3MB
Insert - Beams.stl1MB
Insert - Tech Door 1.stl1MB
Insert - Tech Door 2.stl1MB
Simple Base 1.stl15MB
Simple Base 2.stl1MB
Tech Base.stl15MB
Arch - LED Circuits Grooved Glass.stl1MB
Arch - LED Circuits Grooved Main.stl10MB
Arch - LED Circuits Solid Glass.stl1MB
Arch - LED Circuits Solid Main.stl9MB
Arch - Pipe Grooved.stl4MB
Arch - Pipe Solid.stl4MB
Arch - Tech 2 Grooved.stl1MB
Arch - Tech 2 Solid.stl1MB
Insert - Cell Door 1.stl1MB
Insert - Cell Door 2.stl1MB
Insert - Iris Door 1.stl1MB
Insert - Liquid Field.stl73MB
Insert - Tech Door 3.stl1MB

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