Commercial – Initiative Tower – The Lovecraftian Tower

By: Degenerate Polygons


This tower is used to track the characters’ initiative in role playing games (it could also have some other creative tracking uses…). The tower’s labels accomodates magnets and can be moved around and re-ordered. 
The Tower it’s also a modular Dice Tower!

Check the description for more details!

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As the name suggests, this tower is used to track the characters’ initiative in role playing games (they could also have some other creative uses…).

The tower support some labels that can be moved around and ordered, depending on a character’s initiative order.

The Lovecraftian Tower has a weird and strange look, inspired by Lovecraft’s R’lyeh descriptions and Cthulhu, the patterns and shapes are somewhere between organic and geometric. Great for immersive gaming, it’s appropriate for contemporary, fantasy, horror and sci-fi settings, some characteristics:

Its modularity permits to disassemble it for easier transportation.

The flat base can be detached and used as an independent dice tray.

It holds 9 magnetic labels.

Can also be used as a prop for wargaming, TTRPGs and dioramas
This tower is HUGE! Final height is around 40cm (16″)!

The standard arc labels cover a wide angle, in this way the tower can be placed on a corner or on one short side of the table and the players will be able to read the initiative from both long sides.

Smaller Portable labels are included, they could be much lighter, in case only weak magnets are available.

Our “Proton Connectors – Magnetic” are simple connectors that doesn’t require supports when printed vertically. They accommodate common 8x2mm disk magnets …not included 😉

18 magnets are needed (twice the number of labels used) those are 8x2mm neodimium disk magnets.


NOTE ON MAGNET’S STRENGTH: N45 upwards are ok, N52 are great, N35 work. Reducing the space between a tower’s magnet and its corresponding label’s magnet (for example, by filing) will increase the attraction strength.

NOTE ON MAGNETS POLARITY: magnets must be magnetized axially (each flat face is a different pole). That’s also the most common type of magnetisation found in this type of magnets. Double check the polarity before inserting the magnets, it will make the process quicker (they could be removed and reversed afterwards, thanks to slots in the Proton Connectors, however it’s quicker to insert them correctly the first time).

You can watch a video about the magnets connectors here: Degenerate Polygons Initiative Tower – Wizard’s Tower – Magnetic variant

Various types of labels paints and treatments can be used, check this other video: Degenerate Polygons – Inititative Towers’ label options

We tested various ways for writing the characters names on the labels and they all work well:

standard acrylic colors or permanent markers
blackboard paint + standard chalk (easily erasable, retro/lo-tech look)
blackboard paint + liquid chalk pens (water erasable)
whiteboard paint/film + erasable markers (as the whiteboard!)

Check our color sets animated gallery: Initiative Towers – paintjob details and variants

We create Initiative Towers of various size, dice tower+initiative tower combos and RPGs stuff: Degenerate Polygons You can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of promotions and upcoming crowdfunding campaigns!



Easy to print with small/medium printers too, the bigger parts aren’t larger than 19x19x19cm, 8″x8″x8″Prints easily in PETG from 0.05 to 0.6mm layers (up to 1mm should be ok)

1.2 or 1.6mm skin are ok, 1.6 it’s usually pretty sturdy with 10-15% infill, 1.2 it’s sufficient.

Regarding the labels, it’s usually better to keep them as light as possible (magnets work better): 0.8mm skin with 10-15% infill was a good solution in our tests.

Minimal supports needed (bottom of modules for female connectors). For some PETG brands some support under the male connectors “hooks” and for the bottom base door’s (dice exit) lintel could be useful.
Typical printing time at 0.2mm: 5-10h for each section
Time to print: 20h+

Model Scale

32 mm

Support Details

Print Dimensions

240mm x 190mm x 380mm

Included Files

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