Siln Tanadu Moon Elf Cleric

By: Epic Adventure Miniatures


High Elf/Moon Elf/Gray Elf Cleric perfect for D&D and Pathfinder. This model is available in both standard and heroic scale with supported and unsupported files. The shield arm has been made into a separate print for easier access for painting the model.

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Siln Tanadu comes from a large and powerful family known for political hold over the Winter Council on the island nation of the Tue’Tel’Quessir. Her skill with the sword quickly grabbed the attention of the Master Bladesingers but Siln’s obsession with the creation of her people drove her to the priesthood of the Silver Sisters. Siln’s family ties may have gained her the entry to the Priesthood, but it is her devotion and dedication that earned her place as a Silver Sister and member of the Veiled Moon (A secret socitey responsible for reclaiming the lost artifacts of elves). Siln’s renown as a hardened warrior is only rivaled by her skill with divine magic. 

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