MacKee “Cheesewiz” Grynn-Halfling Brawler

By: Epic Adventure Miniatures


MacKee “Cheesewiz” Grynn, halfling brawler is offered with 4 variant heads, custom base, supported and unsupported at heroic scale.

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Born in the rough and tough wagon district of Ravensport, MacKee “Cheesewiz” Grynn and his albino twin brother Kryss “Slickfingers” Grynn are no strangers to the darker corners of civilization and have made their fortunes off the grit and blood of those who typically take advantage of short fellows. MacKee uses his Boots of Speed and Gauntlets of Ogre power to pulverize any opponent unfortunate enough to mistake him for a pipe smoking hairfoot from the shire. MacKee is offered with a custom base, 4 alternate heads that I have kept separated as well as merged to the body depending on your preferred printing method, supported and unsupported files in Heroic scale which makes him just north of 32mm tall. He still fits on a 25mm base which will fit on a standard 1 inch square and is the right height to my other heroic scale models. I prefer this height as it allows for plenty of sculpture details to show and lot’s of room to paint all those details. However the beautiful thing about this particular hobby though is that you can always scale it to your preferred height.

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