Commercial – The Initiative Towers – Tournament Placeholder

By: Degenerate Polygons


This is a simple tower/placeholder, that hold up to 2 of our magnetic labels, the same used in our Initiative Towers.

It can be used as a placeholder for tournaments and RPG events, using the labels to indicate the player’s and character names.
One of the labels can be used to track the character’s initiative (attaching it to an Initiative Tower) when combat ensues.

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Two different types of labels are included.

Our “Proton Connectors – Magnetic” are simple connectors that doesn’t require supports when printed vertically. They accommodate common 8x2mm disk magnets …not included 😉

4 magnets are needed for each tower (8x2mm neodimium disk magnets, 2 for the tower and 2 for the labels, if you’re using both slots).

NOTE ON MAGNET’S STRENGTH: N45 upwards are ok, N52 are great, N35 work. Reducing the space between a tower’s magnet and its corresponding label’s magnet (for example, by filing) will increase the attraction strength.

NOTE ON MAGNETS POLARITY: magnets must be magnetized axially (each flat face is a different pole). That’s also the most common type of magnetisation found in this type of magnets. Double check the polarity before inserting the magnets, it will make the process quicker (they could be removed and reversed afterwards, thanks to slots in the Proton Connectors, however it’s quicker to insert them correctly the first time).

You can watch a video about the magnets connectors here: Degenerate Polygons Initiative Tower – Wizard’s Tower – Magnetic variant


Various types of labels paints and treatments can be used, check this other video: Degenerate Polygons – Inititative Towers’ label options


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Model Scale

32 mm

Support Details

Supportless (Doesn't require supports to print)

Print Dimensions

50mm x 100mm x 70mm

Included Files

Not Listed

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