By: 3dent


Five scatter terrain pieces for 28mm dnd and role playing tabletop games
Dimensions of pieces
Stair Ruins : x=95.97 mm y=116.66mm z=119.57mm
Wall Ruins : x=155.23mm y=84.73mm z=81.13mm
Wall Ruins Door : x=152.44 y=63.35mm z=62.33mm
Wall Ruins Door Window : x=139.32mm y=103.07mm z=71.71mm
Wall Ruins Two Doors : x=152.26mm y=86.14mm z=69.96mm

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The test print made with FDM printer
layer 0.35mm
perimeters 2
infill 10% type : line
Solid layers top 2 , bottom 2
i print the pieces with out to enable supports

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