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Welcome to my Desert City ‘PAY WHAT YOU CAN’ campaign!

Come traveller and discover Ugbati! Our city was built around a small rocky source that flow since thousands of years. Some says that the Desert God trapped a water elemental in to help a lost caravan. The intermittent muddy river brings dark soil during the rainy season helping Ugbati to feed her inhabitants. However, it is her position and her mighty fortress close to the only path in the Mygdonian Canyon that make this town an obligatory passage for the merchant caravans crossing the Desert.

Get 18 amazing models! All your money is spent to buy Books/boardgame/RPG/STEM materials in my classroom!

Ugbati : the Desert City

by Gaëtan Lebret

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Campaign Story

I’m working on “stretchgoals”

Market place: blank
Bath house: blank

Update April 21st: More files ready:

  • 5 common houses (3 from cluster 1 and 2 from rookery district)
  • the Desert Outcrops (4 rock formations and one big flat bedrock)It seems some noble houses files had problems, I will reload them this week-end and separate each house within different zip to help the organization.

    Sorry, about the small issues, I’m not a pro with a full-time job and young baby at home but I really wish to give you the best product I can as soon as I can.

Then I need to correct very small details on the 2 last common houses and continue to work on all the bonus stretchgoals.


Update 19th : First files available – You should receive an email very soon, if you don’t have anything (spam folder?) contact me please.
Uploaded: –

  • the Castle
  • 3 Noble Houses
  • The Temple
  • 1 common house (rookery part 1)
  • The Water Source

I’m still working on checking and uploading the others files, I’ll share them very soon.
Thank you again for your support!

Wow! thank you everyone, it was a lot more successful than hoped!
So now, I’ll have to upload the files (today and tomorrow – if no technical issue you’ll have all the core set on the 19th of April) and continue to work on the bonus items!
I was thinking: Public Bath House / Aqueduct / Market raised platform / Warehouses / City walls / Tower / City Gate / Paved Street or garden with fountain
In any case, a lot of work for the next months, you’ll have to come back here and there to download them.

Again, a huge thank you! We have a lot of amazing projects for the classroom now possible, I’ll share some picture here when we’ll receive cool materials!
Happy printing / Painting / gaming!


By the way, when any of you will share a picture of your printed castle painted, I’ll give you a one time 20% discount on any purchase in my store!


Welcome to my Desert City ‘PAY WHAT YOU CAN’ campaign!

—Funding goal is reached, everyone will get the files + 1 bonus item per 300$—
—All files will be available at the end of the campaign—

I made it for a current DnD campaign and hope it might interest some of you. While you enjoy those amazing models, all your money goes directly in my classroom for the kids!

FDM prints

The City of Ugbati is created for 28/32mm scale role-playing games or tabletop wargaming. I have printed everything on my Ender3 and Ender5 (layer height 0.16 with a 0.4 nozzle) without support, I had once or twice small easy-to-clip spaghettis from some archways but those could easily be corrected by placing few supports in Cura. Please check out the pictures and video to see the result and feel free to take inspiration from it.

What do you get?

Everything is already designed and print-tested!

The main piece is the Castle.


With this keep, you have 3 noble houses and 8 common houses (I plan to mirror-print some of them to increase the size of my medina).

Noble houses:

Common houses:

Of course, there’s the Water Source coming in 2 version without tree and supportless or with a tree that will need some small support (I print mine using 3% lines support in Cura). Miniature for scale only.

Every city has her own regional divinity, so has Ugbati, and I offer you the Temple of Hesaptos. Hesaptos is the god of luck and abundance in my setting.

I have added 4 desert/canyon rock outcrops to print some natural element around your city. Here’s 2 examples:

As you can see, that make a lot of pieces to print!

For every 300$ I’ll add a bonus model as stretchgoals (to be defined), those new models will need some time to design and test, because my primary job is an elementary school teacher…

Your money goes in my classroom!

I am preparing this Crowdfunding campaign to buy material for my classroom. I teach in a deprived neighborhood with amazing and resilient kids (~10y-old) coming from many parts of the world. I want to offer them bigger opportunities than the basic offer of our public system and the feeling that for once they’re lucky and on part with other kids of our country. I buy a lot of STEM materials, Chemistry kit, robotics, boardgames, DnD books and component and of course I brought a 3D printer in class so they can design and print their own ideas. Almost everything is paid with my salary, and it is my choice of course, but by contributing to this campaign, your money will greatly help many many students during the next years. Thank you so much!

I know how much the Covid, war and inflation made life a bit more difficult for some of us, so I wanted to make this campaign affordable for all. I’m confident that you can see the real value of what I offer, the many months of work and the charitable goals behind. I’m also confident that our community is full of incredible and honest people. Feel free to choose your own pledge, every dollar will eventually make a kid smile and learn.

More pictures:
blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blankblank blank

(The miniature in the last pictures with the crossbow is from the amazing Caballero Miniatures Patreon and of course, not part of this campaign.)

  • Noble Houses and Temple reloaded

    I have updated the Noble houses and temple. It should be easier to organise the files and all STL should be readable.

  • Last 2 common houses

    The last 2 common houses have been shared, you should be able to download them soon. I have repaired the Temple_lvl2 file, it load fine in my cura now. thanks for your patience!
    Now, I willl be working during the next week on the bonus items, you\\'ve unlock 9 of them 🙂 a lot more than expected, that\\'s so cool but it will take me some time of course. Happy printing! Cant wait to see some of your prints!


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