The Water Source

By: Beren's creations


A Desert Water Source

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Water is life, especially in the Ugbati Desert. Stories tell that it was a lion who showed the way to this small stream to a lost shepherd. Then the source became an important landmark and a long time ago, people built a shrine to Hesaptos god of luck and abundance to protect the water from the frequent sand storms. For some reason, the source dried up and the shrine became another forgotten ruin in the unforgetful desert..

Come in 3 versions, with a tree (more advanced printing setting, small branches and more supports needed for sure), with a stump and without a tree.

As always, I’ll print mine (with the tree) with 5% line support on 75¤ angle, this kind of support are really easy to remove and you can choose area in Cura where you don’t want support (between bricks for example).

Have fun!

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