Sho’vit Pattern Tigershark

By: Dog Hair Models and Terrain


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Cut off from their homeworlds, the Sho’vit Coalition began their own redesign of the standard fighter-bomber. The Coalition version is similar in size, but bears the hallmarks of Sho’vit engineers: highly modular weapons systems compatible with other Sho’vit vehicles, including the chin turret Sho’vit engineers and pilots have a fondness for.

In addition to internal bomb racks, modular wing mounts allow the Tigershark to carry all the standard Sho’vit wing armaments, as well as wing-mounted torpedoes, rocket torpedoes, seeking missiles, or cruise missiles.

Designed primarily for 42K, the Tigershark will work for any 28mm-scale game.

Interested in who the Sho’vit Coalition is? You can read their fluffy backstory here.

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28 mm

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