Goshawk Assault Gunship Pod

By: Dog Hair Models and Terrain


The Goshawk is a designated as a multi-role dropship. Modular cargo pods allow it to function as a troop transport, cargo ship, gunship, bomber, heavy lift vehicle, or tanker.

This 28mm-scale model features rotating turrets, tilt-wing engines, and magnetizable weapon pods. The cargo pods are modular and magnetizable, making it simple to convert the ship for different uses.

Suitable for any 28mm tabletop wargame, the weapons are compatible with my other designs. This model comes with cargo and tanker pods included. Bomber, Gunship, and Personnel Pods will be released in the coming months.

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The assault gunship pod transforms your Goshawk into a flying tank, carrying some of the heaviest weapons available to small craft. Primarily used for shattering fortifications or cutting a wide swath through enemy troops, the rotating ball turret can deliver a withering broadside to enemy aircraft.

Five different weapon options and a magnetizable turret give you the ability to change your loadout for every scenario.

Made primarily for use in… uh… “42K” this model will work with any 28mm game, although you will need the Goshawk itself.

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