Quad Gatling Laser Gravis Rapier Renault Pattern

By: Tiny Panzer Studio


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Renault Pattern Quad Gatling Laser
– Two different options for the main weapon. One with a gun shield and one without.
– Hull armor shield is optional
– Several different poses for the “mail box” sensor pod
– Now includes alternate hull without trench rail
– Spare batteries are included!

Crew NOT included

Lore: During the Great Space Man Rebellion the factories of Renault churned out the Quad Gatling Laser. Historians believe it was used primarily by the Solarium Axilitoriomious. For unknown reasons, it has disappeared from service.

Design Notes: Get this weapon, along with five others in the Renault Pattern Support Weapons Compilation

I tried to add some fine detail into the barrels. You may notice they business end looks similar to the twin-linked multi-laser seen in “Astartes”.

Model Scale

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Presupported (Model comes with supports already placed)

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