Modern Marvels – February 2024 Full Release

By: nonPareil Institute / PowerSourcing


Here you will find all of the models released via our Patreon in February 2024 Patreon.

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Here you will find all of the models released via our Patreon in February 2024 Patreon. Members can get all of our monthly releases at a discounted rate. If you like this set please check out our Patreon here

In the February 2024 Modern Marvels release you’ll find the following assets…

– a large bunker entrance

– an impact crater

– three Tiki masks

– two suburban mailboxes

– two “bedsheet” ghosts

– a sand golem

– a snowman

– a large dumpster / skip

– an electrical junction box

– two mattresses

– a bus stop

– an oriental archway, two small stone lanterns, one large stone lantern

– a paper lunch bag

– a trophy

– a hot water kettle

– a selection of open and closed cardboard/shipping boxes

– a Dragon’s Tooth and Tetrapod vehicle barriers

nonPareil institute is committed to building better futures for adults with autism through technical and work-readiness training and social engagement activities. These 3d models were created by former nonPareil Institute students and staff members who help other adults on the autism spectrum explore their technical passions and skills. You can check us out at and

One or more textures on this 3d model has been created with photographs from These photographs may not be redistributed by default; please visit for more information.

Model Scale

32 mm

Support Details

both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

Print Dimensions

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Included Files

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