Adult Xorn

By: nonPareil Institute / PowerSourcing


The first, of multiple, new Xorn models for your games of Dungeons & Dragons

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Oh yeah! It’s time to bust through some walls and do some clubbering of adventurers! Your favorite rock eating monster is here to cause grief and misery to whatever party of adventurers find themselves unlucky enough to disturb him. This model will fit nicely on a 60mm base or can go without a base since it has been designed to stand on his three legs perfectly on your table. This pack comes with supported and unsupported versions of both (Xorn and a rock) models.

nonPareil institute is committed to building better futures for adults with autism through technical and work-readiness training and social engagement activities. This 3d model was created by former nonPareil Institute students who are now staff members who help other adults on the autism spectrum explore their technical passions and skills.

Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

Print Dimensions

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Included Files

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