AEMIOA01 – Gourd Goblin

By: Aether Studios


The world of Aach’yn is a broken, shattered planet. Thousands of years ago, a cataclysm tore the planet asunder. Only the intervention of a powerful mage on the cusp of godhood was able to halt the destruction in situ. As the world split the mage became one with the magic expelled. Harnessing and binding magic to his will, he commanded the destruction to stop. Now called the Autarch, he rules over the shattered fragments of civilization that remain.

Now thousands of years old, the Autarch is sustained by his mastery of time magic. He clings ever-tightly to absolute power. He directly rules over five million souls in and around the capitol of T’chel (Shell). Through his extended family he holds the allegiance of many millions more citizens spread throughout the empire. Other large cities and many smaller towns pay tribute and taxes to his rule rather than risk his wrath. His reach stretches across the land and to the fragments of the planet above and beyond, the Sky Islands.

This set, Gourd Goblin, was inspired by Joel on the Discord group. Joel has long been a huge supporter of Aether Studios. When he told us he needed a gourd with a goblin on it, we were ready and eager to serve. Many thanks to Joel for this wonderful introductory idea for Magic Items of Aach’yn

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-Layer Size: 0.1mm recommended, 0.05mm for resin.

-Infill: 25-35% recommended.

-Top/Bottom Layers: 8 (or 0.8mm if using a different layer size than 0.1mm)

-Side Shell Count: 3 (or 1.2mm if using a different nozzle size than 0.4mm)

-Raft/Brim/Supports: None

Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

Supportless (Doesn't require supports to print)

Print Dimensions

Not Listed

Included Files

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