Yari – The demon Hunter

By: Imagine Minis


Yari is a 32mm scale miniature, for your tabletop RPG or paint. Can be used as a Tiefling, Draenei, or Succubus.

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“I Pray to any god but, please, grant me strength to save them.

Even if I have to curse myself…

Even if they don’t accept me back…

I will embrace the darkness to save the light and I will save them!” 

Yari is a 32mm scale miniature (taller than the average human), she can be used as a Draenei, Tiefling, or Succubus. Comes with 3 body options (Blindfold, Wings, and skirt are separate objects so you can use Blender to customize yours), 3 weapons that can be used Left or right (just mirror before printing). Compatible with 25.4mm or 32mm base.

Yari and her friends were guarding an ancient relic, transporting it to a safer place, they were ambushed by a group of bandits.
She was the first to fell and, during her last breath, she saw her friends struggle to fight. While bleeding on the ground, she prayed to any god that could help her but, none came to her aid, except a demon contained inside the relic. He bestowed her with unholy strength, at that moment she was reborn into something else. By the end of the combat she kneeled and cried, she was not able to save them. Now she travels the world using her demonic powers to hunt demons and evil, perhaps to keep her sanity in check or maybe some other reason, only time will tell.

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32 mm

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