Thistlelimb the Corrupted Tree Ent

By: Ember Smith Creative


Thistlelimb, an Ent from ‘Thar Be Giants’ Kickstarter.

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Deep in an ancient forest dark magic has tainted the soil, reaching Thistlelimb’s roots. Hidden away from human eyes, Thistlelimb has become twisted and cruel. He now roams his forest with a malevolence uncommon for an ent…


Thistlelimb is designed at a 28mm scale measuring approx 140mm at the highest point.
The model comes perfectly keyed to suit all resin printers.

Files included – Keyed model lychee Scenes, keyed model STL Supported, keyed model STL un-supported and whole model (unsupported)

*Pre-Supported and hollowed by Atlas3DSS and Test Printed on elegoo mars with anycubic eco-resin

Model Scale

32 mm

Support Details

No supports provided

Print Dimensions

8mm x 3mm x 1mm

Included Files

Not Listed


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