Santa and the Goblin Thieves – December ’21 Patreon release



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“Krampus and his Gang of Flying Goblins have stolen Santa’s Presents in a way to ruin Holidays and fled in their flying Zeppelin!
Santa Nigoliath along with his loyal companions, Twinkle and McSnowflake, follow the Goblins in a wild chase up in the skies to save the Holidays!
Naughty Goblins everywhere, beware of Santa’s Wraith!”

“Santa and the Goblin Thieves” is the theme of our December ’21 release.

In this release you will find:

– 18+ highly detailed miniatures such as King Krampus, Flying Ggblins, Santa Nigoliath, Troll, modular goblin warriors and many more!
– Flying Vehicles: Goblin Zeppelin, Goblin Air Baloon, Santa’s Flying Sleigh!
– Bust version of King Krampus!
– Monster Templates & Paper Miniatures!
– Textured bases of various sizes for all the miniatures, with scenery and other details!

A pre-supported version is included!

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These miniatures can be used for tabletop rpgs like D&D and Pathfinder, fantasy boardgames and wargames.

This Bundle includes the following:…es-monster-stats/…er-miniature-set/


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