Naruga – Collection

By: BlueWyvern


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This pack includes the following:

-1 Naruga – Beast STL
-1 Naruga – Beast without rider STL
-1 Naruga – Beast rider STL
-1 Naruga – Adept STL
-1 Naruga – Scout STL
-1 Naruga – Dire Bat 01 STL
-1 Naruga – Dire Bat 02 STL
-1 Naruga – Dire Bat 01 Armored STL
-1 Naruga – Dire Bat 02 Armored STL
-1 Naruga – Soldier 01 STL
-1 Naruga – Soldier 02 STL
-1 Naruga – Soldier 03 STL
-8 Base STL’s


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Size: 45 – 217  mm
Recommended 3D printer for these models: Resin printer

Model Scale

45 - 217  mm

Support Details

No supports provided

Print Dimensions

Not Listed

Included Files

File NameFile Size
Naruga Beast 0173.6MB
Naruga Beast without rider 0142.9MB
Naruga Beast rider 0153.1MB
Naruga Adept 0145.9MB
Naruga Scout 0145.5MB
Naruga Dire Bat 0145.8MB
Naruga Dire Bat 0244MB
Naruga Dire Bat 01 Armored 01109MB
Naruga Dire Bat 02 Armored 0161.7MB
Naruga Soldier 0155.5MB
Naruga Soldier 0258.2MB
Naruga Soldier 0360.6MB
Base 0118MB
Base 0219.6MB
Base 0320.6MB
Base 0418.9MB
Base 0525MB
Base 069.45MB
Base 0717.8MB
Base 0817.9MB


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