Keeonessi Frostmoon, Frost Elf Warlock

By: Epic Adventure Miniatures


Frost/Arctic/Snow/Ghost Elf Warlock/Sorcerer/Mage/Witch perfect for D&D, Pathfinder and Fantasy settings.

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The Siege’Il’Tael’Quessir were bastions and sages of elven knowledge before the War of Seldarine and sought to remain neutral and protect the secret texts and history of their culture. A matriarchal society that had been isolated for so long, they still called Lolth by her original name Araushnee and would view Drow as just another set of elves. In fact it is believed that they are descendants of the neutral Drow that refused to take a side during the War of the Seldarine and remained on the surface instead of retreating to the Underdark  Centuries in the Arctic waste and connection to the offspring of their Tree of Life in the Northern Wastes evolved them into taller, stockier versions than that of their southern kin with alabaster skin, striking light blue eyes and silver hair. The Arctic Frost Elves free of any conflicts began to rebuild a grand city in the north akin to the wonders of Arvandor where they could house and protect ancient artifacts, relics and high magics, however centuries of peace and neutrality proved to be their downfall that made them a target of deceit from their subterranean cousins. The Great sages spent far too much time pondering over ancient texts and very little time reproducing which left their population scarce.

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