Idólion Kickstarter Tavern set

By: Bunkern


All the Files from the Kickstarter Idólion Tavern Life. A total of 187 Models.

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All files contains a unsupported and supported version.

All Base set:
Noble Bar, Barrels, Barrel Stand, Candle and Chalize, Chair, Chest, First Chest, Noble Light, Noble Modular Shelves, Modular Indlay, Noble Chair, Noble Tables,  Gold Pile, Small & Medium Stool, Townsfolk Bar, Townsfolk Light, Townsfolk Modular Shelves,  Townsfolk Chair, Townsfolk Tables, Table, Table Log Legs, Peasant Bar, Peasant Light & Torches, Peasant Modular Shelves.

Barkeep and Barmaide from

Stretch Goals:
Fireplace + Indlay & Overlay, Simple Bench, Torches,  Noble Barstool, Basic Barstool, Noble Modular Bar, Small Noble Chair,  Basic Chair, Noble Side Table, Barrels with Goods, Cellar Hatch, Townsfolk Barstool, Townsfolk Modular Bar, Small Townsfolk Chair,  Townsfolk Sidetable, Peasant Barstool, Peasant Modular Bar, Primitive Chair, Peasant Side Table, Bags of Gold, Weapon Rack, Pillar and Wall-Mount, Miniature Stand and Painting Handle, Hunter Supplies.

These files comes from the Kickstarter Idólion Tavernlife:

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Model Scale

28 mm

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both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

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