Grool – Half-Orc Barbarian

By: Epic Adventure Miniatures


Grool, Half-Orc Barbarian is perfect for your next D&D, Pathfinder or Fantasy campaign setting.

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Grool is half Uruk-Hai and was once part of the Blood Moon Tribe one of the 5 known tribes in the world of Torus (Doom Fist, Storm Spine, Night Runner, Frost Slayer) . The Uruk-Hai are the unnatural fusion of Orc and Goblins, grown in the frenzied mud pits of Uruk. Uruk-Hai are born full grown and often rabid and frenzied, a result from the cursed mud of Uruk. The orc tribes often use the Uruk-Hai as bezerker suicide squads or when they want total annihilation of their enemies. Half blooded Orcs are thrown into the Dire Worg pits as children for entertainment. Survivors are offered lower status in the tribe with an option to climb rank through the glory of battle. However, Grool’s half blood left him with empathy and when his commanding officer ordered the savage razing of a human orphanage he surrendered to a fist of human clerics known as the Red Sisters of the Divine Flame. He was taken back and brutally beaten and tortured by the inquisitors. The only kindness shown to him in his life was from a young Cleric named Brigid Aramus who did not see how torture was acceptable to the Divine Flame of Pelor. Brigid attempted to free Grool, but he had nowhere to go. He would be fed as a delicacy to the Uruk-Hai for his betrayal and the humans would not take such a creature in to their flock so Brigid ran away with him looking to her deity for signs to help Grool make amends for the horrors of his past. A budding love emerged between the two during their adventures. Grool will walk into the flames of hell if Brigid wished it. 

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