AEVILL0 – Small Stone Tower and Mimics

By: Aether Studios


The Free Set from our 8th Kickstarter!

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This set, AEVILL0 – Small Stone Tower & Mimic, is the free release for our 8th Kickstarter, Mimic Village. This set features both a plain tower and mimic versions of the sections.

This set was sculpted by Károly Csúrgó as one of the first models for this campaign. Many thanks to Ian Huffman and Ken Russell for the printed, painted pictures of these models. They are true heroes of Aether Studios and proud to wear our Red Jerseys.

Additional models will be added to this over the course of the campaign.

Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

Supportless (Doesn't require supports to print)

Print Dimensions

Not Listed

Included Files

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