Is the Yousu iForm 181 Resin All It Claims?

In the world of 3D printing, next to the actual 3D printer you use, few choices are as important as the resin. The resin you choose can make all the difference in a miniature that turns out fantastic and lasts for years, or one that looks like it ended up on the wrong end of an acid splash spell and breaks after it’s first time on the game table (not that you’d necessarily mind at that point). In this video, our friends at Slice Print Roleplay perform a very nice Yousu iForm 181 Resin review using a model from The Printing Goes Ever On, and their trusty Elegoo Mars 2 Pro.

Yousu iForm 181 Resin

Yousu iForm 181 Resin Cost Comparison

Resin costs can really range the gamut, from around $20 a bottle to well over $100 a bottle for dental grade resin. Fortunately for us, we’re not putting these anywhere near our mouth (right?!), so we can stick to the more reasonably priced bottles. Even for the resins typically used for printable miniatures, the Yousu iForm 181 Resin is priced beautifully at $17 a bottle.

Durability and Flexibility

If you haven’t watched the video by this point, you really should. Slice Print Roleplay performs some flexibility and drop tests with nice results. There’s something both sad and fantastic about watching parts of a miniature snap in half. It’s okay to admit it. It’s the barbarian in all of us. Suffice it to say, you won’t be using the Youso iForm 181 Resin to 3D print an actual battle worthy warhammer, but it gets the job done.

More About Those Models

If you’re interested in the models that were used in the video, you can find The Printing Goes Ever On right here on MiniHoarder. If you’re looking for a long term commitment to the artist (which we always highly recommend), you can find their Patreon page here.

More To Come

What’s next? We’re very excited about our partnership with Slice Print Roleplay and the content that they bring to the gaming and hobbyist tables. You can expect to see more content of theirs featured on our site, along with additional articles and tutorials on all things modeling, printing, and gaming related. If you’d like to see anything specific, let us know at, or leave us a comment below!

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  1. blank gh says:

    something else to be added is that this stuff smells much stronger than the average resin, like you have summoned a demon level of acrid smell. If you are bothered by smelly smells this is not the resin for you, the results have been ok otherwise

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