ZoeZoblexia – Ooze Artificer

By: Epic Adventure Miniatures


Model has 2 versions (different heads) and comes supported with 25mm custom base in 2 scales, 32mm (21 x 47.9 x 12.6 mm) and 40mm (26 x 59.3 x 15.5 mm). 

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One of the players in the Spelljammer game I am playing in, sent me a design of their character Zoe and I thought it was a super fun character to sculpt. The player made revisions to the character’s face while I was sculpting so I decided to offer both versions since I preferred the design with the hair over the 3rd eye and slug antennae. I made the visor a separate piece so that it could be printed in clear resin. The test prints came out amazing on this and I can’t wait to see her in color.

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