AEAADV07 – The Domain of Rub’aii

By: Aether Studios



This set features a giant scatter feature based on the demonprince of fear and suffering. The Domain of the demonprince Rub’aii is one that is rarely transgressed. Worshiped by the Goblins, Gremlins, Gnomes and cannibals, this deity holds complete sway over a shadow plane of evil. He is summoned to Aach’yn by the offerings of his devotees. Those offerings are dragged into the domain of Rub’aii never return.

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Layer Size​: 0.15mm minimum. 0.1mm recommended.

Infill​: 10% for all models recommended

Top/Bottom Layers​: 9 (or 0.9mm if using a different layer size than 0.1mm)

Side Shell Count​: 2 (or 0.8mm if using a different nozzle size than 0.4mm)

Raft/Brim/Supports​: Brim helpful on small items


Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

Supportless (Doesn't require supports to print)

Print Dimensions

Not Listed

Included Files

Not Listed


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