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First Nickey’s Hatchery crowdfunding release!

Introducing the Goblins and Dwarves of Whirlworld!

Whirlworld Release #1 – The Goblin Menace and the Heroic Dwarves!

by Nickey's Hatchery

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Nickey's Hatchery

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Campaign Story


My name is Nickey, the artist behind Nickey’s Hatchery. For years I’ve released miniatures for 3d printing, striving to create cool characters and improving my skills. It’s been a wild journey of concept art, sculpting, making mistakes, disappointment, fun and lots of coffee. With that experience behind me and a clear idea for the future I’d like to present my first-ever crowdfunding project.



The Core Set includes:

  • 9 Goblin Moshurz – 9 modular bodies with 11 weapon+hand options (fist weapons, two-handed and one-handed weapons)
  • 3 Goblin TNT-ers – Goblin Gyk with Rocket Launcher, Goblin Nurhd with Dynamite & Bombs and a Jumping ‘Splodey Gyk leaping into action!
  • 1 Goblin Mook (when a troll mommy and a goblin daddy really love each other…)
  • 3 Trolls – Krystalbakk, Big Bad Bonzo and Fungus Head (Goblin Allies)
  • Explosion Test Area (Goblin scatter terrain set)
  • 11 Dwarf Miniatures (3 rangers, 3 defenders, 2 shamans, 3 earth shapers + 2 returning Earth Shapers, new and improved)
  • The Friendly Giant (Dwarf Ally)
  • Otherworldly Creatures from The Woven Realms – A goblin, dwarf and troll (… walk into a bar…)

For the easiest way to be notified of what’s coming, see work-in-progress pics, and to discuss Whirlworld, join the Nickey’s Hatchery Discord – Discord Community

Renders & Pics

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Why Crowdfunding?

The reason I turned to crowdfunding is to create a fantasy world full of interesting characters and terrain, as well as, hopefully, entertaining lore.It has been a lifelong dream of mine to create a world I can write stories for and create fun characters. There is WAY, WAAAY too many ideas circling around in my head and I need YOUR help to make them come to fruition! 

Crowdfunds will be used as the setting stone, as the “birthplace” of races, and the funding would go towards continuous expansion of the world.  

Here you will find high-quality stylized miniatures and terrain, crafted with love and attention to the world they live in. The goal is to show variety with different characters, different jobs and classes, and different corners of the Whirlworld.

For this project I’d like to introduce the world of the cunning and crazy Goblins and the fearless Dwarven defenders of the Var Duran stronghold. The campaign’s goal is to show a variety of dwarves and goblins so that we can continue expanding them going forward. In the Lore segment you’ll find background info of some of the characters and some overall lore.


The Travelers are minis that do not fit the overall theme but instead offer a look into the other creatures, characters and heroes. This way you can see what else Whirlworld has to offer. If the mini presented is something you definitely would love to see more of – let me know on Discord! (Discord Community)

Honest Disclaimer: As it is my first crowdfund I’ve ever done on my own I’m doing my best to make it great for backers, organize it well and be clear with all info. However, issues are certainly due to come up at some point. I’d like to ask for you to please be patient and understanding.If you have any constructive feedback related to the project, feel free to get in touch on Discord (Discord Community). Depending on how this campaign goes I will be making adjustments in the future to content and pricing structure.Thank you!

Otherworldly Beings and Place

This segment is minis and/or terrain pieces inspired by the worlds of friends and partners of Nickey’s Hatchery. Worlds that you would hopefully enjoy visiting! 🙂 

This time around we have a different kind of Dwarves, Goblins and a Troll that come straight from The Woven Realms of Voidbound Studios. They have graciously provided some concepts from which I’ve sculpted the minis and we are now offering them to you all as part of this campaign’s core set and some more as bonus minis to stretch goals. 

And now, a word from our partner!

“Voidbound Studios is filling the void between Virtual and Tabletop gaming. We are creating The Nether Engine – the world’s first truly AAA virtual tabletop experience which will be a platform for ALL creators. From the miniatures industry, to 2d artists, storytellers and musicians – Forge YOUR worlds and share them across The Woven Realms.”

Check them out at the links below:



Video of Their Maps!

Youtube video with link to some free maps and models! (in description)

A Broken Winter. Animated Map! Happy Holidays (Free Legendary Tier Unlock! Download in Links) – YouTube



The core set is almost entirely completed and ready to be sent as a reward for all backers immediately when the campaign ends. 

From here on we add new things to Whirlworld together! 

Work on each stretch goal begins the second it’s unlocked. All stretch goals should be delivered by 2-4 weeks after the end of the campaign. (unless we go crazy on unlocking stretch goals)

Goals are spread out at paces of 500-2000$ depending on the reward to make sure I don’t promise too much too quickly and underdeliver. 🙂

You will be updated through Minihoarder and Discord about the models as they are done. 


The initial Funding Goal (2500$) is used mostly to cover costs of pre-supporting, testing, concept art and a little bit for sculpting for the core set minis. 


Goal #1 (3000$) 

Goblin Blazer with Flamethrower 

Goal #2 (5000$) 


The Drakonis Barbarian


Dwarven Brewery terrain set!

Goal #3 (6000$) 

Dwarf Brewmaster

Goal #4 (7000$) 

Crystalline Cavern scatter set + 1 new miniature from The Woven Realms

Goal #4.5 (7500$) 

Crystalline Cavern Bases 

Goal #5 (8500$) 

Dwarf Berserker 

Goal #5.5 (9000$) 

Goblin bodies, killed by berserkers

Goal #6 (10,000$) 

Goblin Spayda Rayda

Goal #7 (12,000$) 

Dwarf Smithy terrain set

Goal #8 (12,500$) 

Dwarf Blacksmith 

Goal #9 (13,500$) 

Boblin (a bat… and a goblin…)

Goal #10 (15,000$)  



Portal to The Woven Realms has powered up! 

1 new goblin and 1 new dwarf have appeared!

Goal #11 (16,000$) 

Goblin Trikker




In this campaign let me introduce the dwarves of the stronghold Var Duran and their lifelong enemies the Goblins of Vagarradur. The two races have been clashing in a decades-long struggle for dominion over the Qogir mountain caves, mines and resources. Outnumbered, the dwarven defenders stand firm to protect their homes from the goblin menace…


Moj Pitz 

Goblin Moj Pitz are a strange phenomenon. Groups of like-minded goblins would gravitate towards each other. Very little is known about how or why these Moj Pitz exist. Many scholars and adventurers have tried to learn more about them only to end up on a Moj Pit’s dinner table. 

Several observations have been made, however, listed below: 

Hierarchy – goblins aren’t ones to form complex hierarchies. However, they tend to instinctively fear and respect the strongest among them. As such, the most cruel, vicious and ruthless goblins tend to rise to the top of the ranks. 

Specializations – It seems that goblins, although seemingly just groups of vicious fighters, do have differences in the ways they fight and how they choose to do their killing. Some are simply fighters that like bashing heads in (both goblin and otherwise), others ride huge beasts and others yet devote their time to creating new goblin tekk and bigger explosions. The types of goblins have, for a lack of ways to safely acquire information, never been fully classified. The best that anyone has been able to do, by scouting and listening into goblin conversation, is to classify them as follows:

Moshurz – most goblins fall in that category. They vary depending on their favorite weapon of choice. 

   Smakkaz – metal claws and fist weapons 

   Slashaz – axes and swords 

   Bashaz – heavy clubs 

Findurhz & Trikkurz – stealthy ranger goblins

Nurhdz and Splodey Gykz – those among goblin-kind that use their brains to make things go BOOM!

Diggurz – those who create tunnels to expand their settlements in the caves. Diggurz hold a high status among goblin-kind as it is a dangerous profession to undergo. Many diggurz meet their death from falling rocks, spiky crystals, various cave beasts, starvation, unsafe explosives and other such risks of the trade.

The Caves of Vagarradur 

In the Vagarradur Moj Pit lies the biggest known gathering of Goblins yet encountered. From the outside the entrance to Vagarradur looks like any other cave entrance. But inside the vastness of the natural and goblin-made cave tunnels is a bustling goblin settlement that houses a multitude of goblin moshurz, nurhdz, gykz and raydaz. If one was foolish enough to attempt to explore Vagarradur they would find such a terrifying variety of goblin that they would swiftly regret coming in any proximity to these caves.



The Frostiron Dwarves are the epitome of dwarven strength. They carry and fight with weapons other races find difficult to even lift and use a special metal found only in their deepest mines called Frostiron. It is nigh-unbreakable and can be imbued with magical properties. Only dwarven smiths can forge it into armor, weapons and machinery.

Sergeant Dorn Borm

Not unlike his name, Sergeant Borm is straightforward, brutally honest and tough. His martial prowess is exceeded only by his stern expressions which he, not unhappily, honors his recruits with. However, as intimidating as he is, the few higher ranking defenders that know him know all too well his sense of humor. Dorn has lovingly been given the nickname Frog Eyes. But is only referred as such when he’s far away, behind his back and in hushed tones. His more well-known nickname is the Iron Golem. Many have ventured guesses as to why, very few know the truth and every one of them had been awestruck at hearing it.

Gomdrin Stoutheart

Being a Standard bearer is no easy job for any dwarf. Standard bearers have the important job of boosting morale for their fellow dwarves in battle. The added weight of the standard makes battle harder and requires removal of shoulder pads and bracers. It requires always being at the front of the battle for all dwarves to see the standard flying high. For the most heavily contested dwarven stronghold of Var Duran, this job becomes thrice as hard. They must be brave, sturdy and unshakable. 

Only the most battle-hardened dwarven defenders have ever carried the Var Duranian standard. It has never fallen in enemy hands. 

Gomdrin Stoutheart is one such dwarf. His muscles are steel. His resolve is unbreakable. His shield is sturdy. His warhammer… uncompromising. Gomdrin’s duty is heavy but he carries it with honor.


Dwarven Shamans are those born with the ability to sense and commune with the mountain gods. Their powers appear very early on as symbols and runes in their minds. The process is initially painful and confusing. With time they learn this ancient language of the mountains gods. They use this power to strengthen their allies and create powerful runes. These runes are often carved into a special stone found only in the depths of their mountain. It looks the same as any other rock but is very conducive to magical forces and can only be found and utilized by Shamans. 

Earth Shapers are shamans who have specialized in using the element of earth to enhance their physical strength, summon Earth Elementals and create destructive forces of nature. They are the oldest shamanistic practitioners. First of the Earth Shapers was Fei Rockfist. The one whose powers bestowed directly from the God of the Mountain. 

Earth Shapers combine the might of the earth with their mastery of martial arts to turn themselves into living weapons. Because of their extreme training they are usually leaner than other dwarf warriors but they make up for it with unprecedented speed, agility and power. The practices of earth shaping can even be taught to outsiders though rarely are outsiders deemed worthy of mastering the ancient techniques.


I hope you found all of this at least a little bit interesting and that you enjoy the miniatures included in the campaign. Attempting to create a fantasy world is no easy task but I will do my best to keep going forward, learn and always try to make each release a little bit better than the last.

If you have any questions or concerns before backing please get in touch on Discord. I’m always active over there and especially while the crowdfund is live I’ll do my best to be responsive. Here’s the Discord link again – Discord Community. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.




Includes Core Set and all unlocked Goals.

The Core Set includes:

9 Goblin Moshurz - 9 modular bodies with 11 weapon+hand options (fist weapons, two-handed and one-handed weapons)
3 Goblin TNT-ers - Goblin Gyk with Rocket Launcher, Goblin Nurhd with Dynamite & Bombs and a Jumping ‘Splodey Gyk leaping into action!
1 Goblin Mook (when a troll mommy and a goblin daddy really love each other…)
3 Trolls - Krystalbakk, Big Bad Bonzo and Fungus Head (Goblin Allies)
Explosion Test Area (Goblin scatter terrain set)
11 Dwarf Miniatures (3 rangers, 3 defenders, 2 shamans, 3 earth shapers + 2 returning Earth Shapers, new and improved)
The Friendly Giant (Dwarf Ally)
Otherworldly Creatures from The Woven Realms - A goblin, dwarf and troll (... walk into a bar...)

March, 2022

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Does NOT include the files from the Voidbound Studios and Nickey's Hatchery partnership.

March, 2022

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  • Krystalbakk

    Hey guys,

    First of all, a huge thank you to the few of you that backed. You believed in this project when literally no one else did.
    Just wanted to show you the last troll from this campaign (1 more giant to add left from the Core set that hasn\'t been sculpted yet) and tell you about a couple of things.
    If you want to just see the troll, scroll down.

    About the campaign – as you can see… it\'s not going well. There a few factors I can think of, unfortunately some of them I have no control over. I might be ending the campaign early, I haven\'t 100% decided but it seems that I would need to go back to the drawing board on this one. You will all still be getting the models from the campaign AND as a \"thank you\" you are getting the lowest price possible at 35$ (and the 3 minis from Voidbound Studios that will be exclusive to this campaign). I will most likely re-launch the Goblins and Dwarves as 2 separate releases for various reasons related to clearer marketing and presentation.

    Link to the troll cuz I can\'t throw images in this update:

    Thanks again!


  • Fulfillment - MMF and MH

    Hey guys,

    I'm finishing a model and beginning the process of uploading everything to MH and MMF. You can pick which place you wanna get your models at.

    Also, pre-supported files are being delayed a bit… With how little the funding turned out to be I don't have the funds to pay for the pro pre-supports right now. They are not cheap. I'll do my best to have them done asap.



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