Vaquero Technical Trucks

By: MadRam Designs


The frontiers of a far millennium are rough existence. Hard environments breed hard people and need for rugged vehicles to take them places.
Be it herding beasts, running supplies, drilling wells or defending homesteads, the Vaquero has become a staple tool to settlers on the leading edges of galactic civilization.

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Edit note 10/31/22 This product has been updated to include new chassis and weapon types.

Hollow resin models, comes with 2 chassis options: fully armoured and open cab.
Open cab version has driver and turret gunner bodies, with grenade and machine gun options.
Rocket, harpoon, mortar launchers & welldigger laser can be mounted on rear weapon.
2x wheel styles or continuous track mods, 2x front ram options.
An assortment of extra bits to add variety of character to your builds.  No bases included.
Be sure to check Readme found in the Unsupported folder about certain files.
There may be one more update to one of the chassis presupport files – it currently works fine, just heavier on resin usage than is probably needed.

Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

Print Dimensions

95mm x 60mm x 50mm

Included Files

Not Listed

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