Uugbor The Brutal

By: Ember Smith Creative


Uugbor, a Giant From ‘Thar Be Giants’ Kickstarter

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Uugbor finds great pleasure in leaving a trail of destruction where ever he roams. While on the outside he may appear brutish and cruel, deep down, Uugbor is a big softy. He enjoys long stomps on the beach and a large cocktail of sheep’s intestines shaken with human bone broth.

Uugbor is designed at a 28mm scale measuring approx 130mm at the highest point.
The model comes perfectly keyed to suit all resin printers.

Files included – Keyed model Lychee Scenes, Keyed model Supported and Un-supported STL and whole model (unsupported)

*Pre-Supported and hollowed by Atlas3DSS and Test Printed on elegoo mars with anycubic eco resin

Model Scale

32 mm

Support Details

No supports provided

Print Dimensions

8mm x 3mm x 1mm

Included Files

Not Listed


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