Utilitypede MAG-POD Shuttle and MAG-POD Cargo Pod System



Utilitypede MAG-POD Shuttle and Modular MAG-POD System Cargo Pods

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Introducing Star Hole Garage’s very own Utilitypede MAG-POD Shuttle and MAG-POD Cargo Pod System!

All MAG-POD designs are modular and stack nicely to keep your shipping yards and cargo holds tidy and organized for streamlined logistics operations.

The MAG-POD Cargo Pod Project has many designers from all over the galaxy who have contributed their MAG-POD CARGO POD designs to meet the needs of any and all types of cargo and many designs are still being developed for future starships, land speeders and shipping yard vehicles so check back with us and or talk to us about any special cargo you need transported that our current selection of MAG-POD Cargo Pods can’t accommodate.

With the purchase of Utilitypede MAG-POD Shuttle we also include custom branding of many of our cargo pods with your company logo, and or cataloging or number systems you need printed on your pods. Just send us a holo message after or before purchase of the shuttle and our droids will get to work on your custom pods.

Here are the MAG-POD designers involved in the project and holo-net links to pick up their additional MAG-POD designs. Note: Some MAG-POD designers have opted for Star Hole Garage to transmit their data files. 

MORE FREE MAG-POD CARGO PODS HERE https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5201966

Nomad Paintworks One Nomad Paintworks MAG-POD design included in Star Hole data files. One more design available at following link  https://nomadprintworks.gumroad.com/l/XDMagpod

Abducted Designs One Abducted Designs MAG-POD design included in Star Hole data files. Several more designs available at following link  https://abducteddesigns.gumroad.com/

Core Terrain Both “Creature Crate” MAG-POD designs included in Star Hole data files.  https://coreterrain.com/

Big MillerBros  One Big Miller Bro MAG-POD design included in Star Hole data files two more available for free at following link https://www.minihoarder.com/product/star-hole-garage-cross-promotion/

Nyverdale Tabletop  Nyverdale Tabletop MAG-POD Kyber Crate design data files available at following link https://nyverdaletabletop.gumroad.com/l/fpnmz

Pocket Dimensions Studios Coming Soon https://store.pocketdimensionstudios.com/

Squamous Miniatures Squamous miniatures pre-supported “MAG-POD design included in Star Hole data files. https://squamousminiatures.gumroad.com/

Sunset Tower Terrain Both Sunset Tower Terrain MAG-POD designs included in Star Hole data files. https://smart.bio/sunsettowerterrain/

Tiny Army Terrain Coming Soon https://www.tinyarmyterrain.com/

ZZM Armory One ZZM MAG-POD design included in Star Hole data files. ZZM “Fuel Cans” MAG-POD Cargo Pods are available at https://zzmarmory.gumroad.com/


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