Urrock’h Ancient Eye pre-supported

By: White Werewolf Tavern


Urrock’h Ancient Eye – very high quality fantasy miniature for your favorite tabletop games

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Urrock’h Ancient Eye (very high quality fantasy miniature)
This set includes:
– Urrock’h Ancient Eye body
– custom base
– supported body
– supported base
Monster Description:
The lair of Urrock’h is located in the deep dark caverns of the undergrounds. This aberration is the embodiment of a primordial evil and legends have it that Urrock’h has existed in the undergrounds for centuries. Many have tried to defeat it and all have failed for the aberrations hide is impenetrable to regular weapons and only the finest dwarven metals are able to penetrate it…
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Model Scale

54 mm

Support Details

Presupported (Model comes with supports already placed)

Print Dimensions

Not Listed

Included Files

File NameFile Size
Urrock'h base16MB
Urrock'h supported54MB
Urrock'h base supported22MB


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