Three Kobolds in a Santa Suit — Fahzer, Krizma, and Kreengle

By: Beldolor Studios


Bring your campaign a little more holiday chaos this year with Fahzer, Krizma, and Kreengle— three kobolds intent on dressing up, sneaking into town, and stealing everyone’s presents!

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‘Twas the night before yuletide,
And down in some cave
Three kobolds were planning,
A scheme most depraved

With old cloaks and peacoats
Once stolen from prey
They’ve crafted a costume
Of festive display

Now stacked three liz tall,
Large sack drug behind
They march into town
To rob all mankind

If only they knew,
That this bag was a being
It was covered in warnings
But they struggle with reading.


What if three kobolds hatched a scheme to dress up as a yuletide icon, sneak into town, and steal all the presents they can get their claws on? What if they also accidentally picked up an abandoned Bag of Devouring on their way to town? Add a little chaos to your PC’s cheerful holiday splendor and let Fahzer, Krizma, and Kreengle— three kobolds in a santa suit, run amok in their hometown.

This miniature includes an optional statblock to use for this creature.

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