The Crystal Dwarfs – Collection Pack

By: BlueWyvern


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The complete Crystal Dwarfs STL collection.

“Through Crystals these Dwarfs enhance their physical and offensive capabilities. It gives them more strength, durability, speed and stamina. The crystals also enhances their weapons with deadly energy”

This pack includes the following:

-1 Crystal Dwarf Gunner STL
-1 Crystal Dwarf Swordsman STL
-1 Crystal Dwarf Axeman STL
-1 Crystal Dwarf Shielder STL
-2 Bases

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Size: 50 – 55 mm
Base size: 25 x 25 x 2 & 50 x 50 x 4 mm
Recommended 3D printer for these models: Resin printer

Model Scale

50 - 55 mm

Support Details

No supports provided

Print Dimensions

Not Listed

Included Files

File NameFile Size
Crystal Dwarf Axeman 0166.2MB
Crystal Dwarf Gunner 0158.2MB
Crystal Dwarf Swordsman 0151.6MB
Crystal Dwarf Shielder 0157MB
Crystal Dwarf Separate Shield 016.81MB
Crystal Dwarf Separate Dwarf 0133.7MB
Base 012.73MB
Base 022.73MB


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