Tavern Building of Elderheim

By: Bunkern


One Tavern in 3 versions. Empty for wargaming, wooden interior with out floor and one with wooden floor, plain interior with out floor and one with wooden floor. Each version has three files, complete, front half and back half.

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The Tavern Building can be printed Unsupported on FDM printer.
The Model is cut to fit a 15 X 15 cm build plate.

Complete Size(L x W x H): 28,6 x 13,3 x 14,5 cm.

There are three Ground Floor versions: Empty, Wooden and Plain.
Each version contains 6 files: Complete, Front and Back with no Floor and Complete, Front and Back with wooden Floor.

The Front, Back, Top and Bottom have been prepared for magnets, with three mm holes.

These files comes from the Kickstarter Idólion Tavern Building STL Pay What you Want.

Check our Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/bunkernandcrew

Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

Print Dimensions

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