Stone Arches

By: Plastic Dungeon


A Plastic Dungeon production: An archaic stone archway with runes engraved in the keystone and the ability to insert a variety of separate mystic portal, door, and portcullis pieces.

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Designed by Plastic Dungeon and originally offered via Kickstarter.

A unique piece of fantasy TTRPG terrain, the Stone Arch can easily be incorporated into your game. It is 28-32mm (heroic) scale, and is approximately 71mm wide, 53mm tall and 12mm thick (2.8in x 2in x 0.5in)

The Arches have both a groove and solid option. The grooved versions have the option to be inserted with a variety of options from a simple door or portcullis to a mystical rippling wall or tendril like energy or flames.

-Blank Arch, 2 Arches with different rune styles, all with and without a grove for inserts
-Collection of Inserts (burst, door, portcullis, ripples, tendrils and web)

All files are designed for printing without supports using FDM printers. Arches though may print better with supports placed underneath in the center.

These files are for personal use only.

Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

Supportless (Doesn't require supports to print)

Print Dimensions

71mm x 12mm x 53mm

Included Files

File NameFile Size
Arch - Blank - Insert.stl0.252MB
Arch - Blank - Solid.stl0.226MB
Arch - Rune 1 - Insert.stl0.373MB
Arch - Rune 1 - Solid.stl0.348MB
Arch - Rune 2 - Insert.stl0.339MB
Arch - Rune 2 - Solid.stl0.313MB
Insert - Burst.stl0.549MB
Insert - Door.stl4.728MB
Insert - Double Door v1.stl9.622MB
Insert - Portcullis.stl1.311MB
Insert - Ripple.stl2.555MB
Insert - Tendrils.stl0.187MB
Insert - Web.stl0.364MB


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