Shadari Strongbow, Desert Elf Monk

By: Epic Adventure Miniatures


Female Desert/Painted Elf Monk, perfect for D&D, Pathfinder and Fantasy Settings.

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North of Marek’ Har Salem in the endless sand dunes of the Dead Vale, roams a vast tribe of Desert Elves known as the Crith’Tael’Quessir. These sand elves are from an ancient civilization who were on the front lines of the Demon Hoard Assault during the Hellgate wars. Their once fertile and beautiful jungle homeland was transformed into a sandy wasteland during the onslaught of demons, fiends and devils. Generations of wars against the demon hoard has taught the tenacious sand elves a method of fighting the hellspawn with their bare hands. Shadari is a Grand Master of the Solar Stance. Her connection to the sun and stars turns her hands and feet into weapons hotter than hell itself. 

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