Princess Shaye Fan Set (Hardsuit Set with Nude)

By: Miller Bros. Sculpting & Design


Fan Set

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Using the original Princess Shaye likeness .  Nominally 1/48 scale – The nude figure is one I would normally consider ‘too thin to print’ at 1/48 scale as the wrists and ankles of humans need to be fattened for ‘miniatures’:  I fear they may snap as is.    However most of Princess Shaye’s fans want a taller statue without ‘chubby’ limbs.   So this nude is of her with a more ‘human’ proportion than most miniatures have.

All sales from this set go into rehiring the model 🙂

I always suggest you load the model into your slicer and scale to suit (can easily be printed 4-5 times larger for example)

Includes 3 posed files with a presupported versions of the files; includes plain 35mm base

Created for resin printers (though some FDM printers may be able to print reasonable copies I make no guarantees of that) ;

May not make and sell for commercial purposes though you are free to print copies for friends and family

3d FILES ONLY- NO PHYSICAL OBJECTS INCLUDED IN THIS SALE (you will need a 3d printer or print service to make use of these if you want physical prints- but you CAN view these in 3d viewers on computers and some APPs)

Princess Shaye is a fashion model and content creator I have worked with for over a year and I have done multiple 3d designs of her in various costumes and Cosplay. You can Follow her here:

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