Oracle of Bezerret

By: VoidRealm Minis


Oracle of Bezerret on Disc

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[pre-supported files are INCLUDED]

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Oracle of Be’zerret

  • 2 poses; 1 pose prints with the staff separately. There is no “location” for the staff specifically, you can glue it in the location shown in the render or put it somewhere else / not include it at all.

  • The flying discs are included as bonuses and useful potentially for Tzeentch wargaming.

  • *Be careful with support removal due to delicate bits!


LORE: This emissary of the fallen angel remains unbound to the Lair itself, but prefers to spend her time in it as this is where she is most powerful. She hovers on a disc, using the visions that he provides her to see and corrupt future events. The Oracle can encourage the growth of the Infinite Vines into other dimensions.

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both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

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