Modular Draenei Set 1

By: Imagine Minis


Modular 32mm scale Unit, for your tabletop, can be used as Tiefling or Draenei

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This modular unit comes in a 32mm scale (equivalent to 2.2 meters tall, meaning it’s bigger them 32mm).

It is compatible with Sedai and Kahled hand options.

Arms and tails have ball joints to increase the number of pose options. Legs and tails can be mirrored to add more variety.

For mount, I recommend Armored Elekk mount or Elekks with the saddle.

Elekk mount, crossbow and Polearm are not included in this set, they are part of another item available on Imagine minis store.

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Model Scale

32 mm

Support Details

both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

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