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When you ask about the ”Laughing Pig Inn”:
This establishment is the gathering place of the people of Hollow Hills.
After a hard day, you can enjoy an ale with some good friends, hear some of the local gossip from Lana, the smiling waitress or hear music form wandering bards.
This Inn also serves as a meeting point from adventuring parties were work that require their kind, can usually found attached to the Notice board outside.

The  ”Laughing Pig Inn”  is a multi part, two story building.
It has a ground floor that serves as the main hall. Serving tables and the bar are found here with barrels full of wine and ale. The kitchen is located in a nearby room.
There’s a fire place with a trophy Unicorn head at the opposite wall, which is always burning on the harsh winter season.

At the first floor you can find the bedroom that tired travelers share. There is a closet,  a chest and some double bunk beds. You can enter this floor via an external stair.

Outside the Inn you can find the stables with a trough, the Inn sign and the Notice Board that quests or work requests are usually posted on.

This miniature can be used for tabletop rpgs like D&D and Pathfinder, fantasy boardgames and wargames.

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