Kaila – Mage Apprentice

By: Imagine Minis


Kaila is a 32mm scale draenei/tiefling miniature for your tabletop, boardgame, rpg or paint.

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Kaila is the apprentice of Lady Audra, she is a shy teen that loves to read books and decypher inscriptions, dreaming of one day become a Archmage but, for that she must face her fear of speaking in public.

Kaila is a mage apprentice for your boardgame, tabletop rpg or to paint. Can be used as a Draenei or Tiefling.

It’s a 32mm scale miniature compatible with 25.4mm standard base (base not included). This character has a greater size compared to other 32mm miniatures, that is because this character is taller (around 1,90).

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Model Scale

32 mm

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Presupported (Model comes with supports already placed)

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