Heavy Mortar for building weapon teams

By: Tiny Panzer Studio


This heavy mortar is based on the historical M2 Chemical Mortar.

Scaled and pre-supported for 15mm (1:100) and 28mm (1:56). You may want to scale things up slightly if you are using this for “heroic” scale 28mm.

Includes mortar, and various shells and crates to add to the base or create crew.

Heavy Mortar Tube
Ammo Crate
Ammo Crate, stack of two
Ammo Crate, pyramid of three
Ammo Crate, open, empty
Ammo Crate, open, full
Ammo Crate, open, half full
Single shell
Stack of three shells
Stack of nine shells
Shells stacked on crate
Stockpile of shells


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