Guardian Knights – Olivia Shadowsword

By: Evil Bugs


Guardian Knights – Olivia Shadowsword

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Introducing Olivia Shadowsword, the nimble and fierce warrior from the Guardian Knights squad. Renowned for her agility and precision, Olivia wields a sharp sword and a sturdy shield, always ready to protect and strike with unmatched speed and accuracy. Her quick reflexes and stealthy movements make her a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

This meticulously detailed 3D model of Olivia captures her agility and combat prowess. Every element of her armor, sword, and shield is crafted with exceptional attention to detail, highlighting her readiness for any challenge. Her dynamic and poised stance reflects her swift and decisive fighting style.

Olivia Shadowsword will be an exceptional addition to any collection of fantasy miniatures, tabletop games, or displays. Her agile spirit and combat skills make her an indispensable asset in any battle.  Add Olivia to your army and let her swift blade and sturdy shield lead you to victory.

– 32mm and 54mm

– 3 Poses

– Unsupported STLs

– Presupported STLs

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